June 11 – 17, 2017


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Jeff Sessions

Sessions Heatedly Denies Improper Russia Contacts
(Washington Post – 6/13/17)

Sessions Can’t Invoke Executive Privilege, But He’s Using it a Lot
(Los Angeles Times – 6/13/17)

Jeff Sessions’ Explanation for Firing Comey Just Doesn’t Make Sense
(CNN – 6/14/17)

The Memo: Five Takeaways from Jeff Sessions’s Testimony
(The Hill – 6/14/17)

 Full Transcript of Jeff Sessions Testimony
(Politico – 6/13/17)

25 Times Jeff Sessions Had a Convenient Memory Lapse While Testifying
(Rolling Stone – 6/13/17)

GOP senator blocking Trump nominee until he gets answers from DOJ
(The Hill – 6/15/17)

Russian Hacking Update

Russian Cyber Hacks on U.S. Electoral System Far Wider Than Previously Known
(Business Insider – 6/13/17)

Russia Could Hack 2020 Election Too, Report Says: 39 States Hit in 2016
(Newsweek – 6/13/17)

The Hard Truth Keeps Trickling Out, Little by Little
(Esquire – 6/13/17)

Hate Crimes

Lawmaker Steve Scalise Injured in GOP Baseball Shooting. Suspect James T. Hodgkinson Dies After Shootout
(Washington Post – 6/14/17)

Suspect Dies After Shooting At GOP Baseball Practice In Virginia
(National Public Radio – 6/14/17)

Hodgkinson’s Facebook Page Gets Quick Reaction
(Belleville News-Democrat – 6/14/17)

Other Stories That You Should Know About:

Obstruction of Justice

Donald Trump Under Investigation for Potential Obstruction of Justice
(The Guardian – 6/14/17)

Trump Conflates ‘Phony Collusion’ And Possible Obstruction Of Justice Investigation
(National Public Radio – 6/14/17)

President Trump Blasts Report on Possible Obstruction of Justice Probe
(Fortune – 6/14/17)

Law Professor Just Laid Out What The Obstruction Of Justice Investigation Means For Trump
(Washington Journal – 6/15/17)

National Security

Suspected N.Korea Drone Photographed US Missile Defense Site
(ABC News – 6/13/17)

Qatar Buys U.S. F-15s Days After Trump Says Country Funds Terror
(NBC News – 6/15/17)

Senate Overwhelmingly Passes New Russia and Iran Sanctions
(Washington Post – 6/15/17)

White House Wants More Flexible Russia Sanctions Deal From Congress
(New York Magazine – 6/17/17)

Robert Mueller

Republicans to Trump: Hands off Mueller
(Politico – 6/12/17)

Robert Mueller Chooses his Investigatory Dream Team
(Wired – 6/14/17)

Mueller Expands Special Counsel Office, Hires 13 Lawyers
(CNN – 6/16/17)


The Bubble: How conservative and liberal media reacted to Sessions’ testimony
(USA Today – 6/15/17)

Don’t Believe Anonymously Sourced Reports, Justice Official Says
(New York Times – 6/16/17)


Trump rolls back some, not all, changes in US-Cuba relations
(Boston Herald – 6/17/17)

Cuba to Trump: US in no ‘condition to lecture us’ on human rights
(CNN – 6/17/17)

Making Trump’s Bank Account Great Again

Trump Reports Hundreds of Millions in Financial Liabilities
(NBC News – 6/16/17)

Donald Trump Reports He’s Getting Rich as President
(The Atlantic – 6/16/17)


Trump Family Wedding Planner to Head New York’s Federal Housing Office
(New York Times – 6/16/17)

 Keeping Track of the Basics:


Berkeley author George Lakoff says, ‘Don’t underestimate Trump’
(Berkeleyside – 5/7/17)

Sessions: I can’t discuss conversations with the president. 9 legal experts: Yes, you can.
(Vox – 6/14/17)

Where Trump Learned to Love Ritualized Flattery
(The New Yorker – 6/13/17)

Alternative Facts from an Alternative Universe

Self-selecting our news sources, a reluctance to hear opposing ideas, and the choice by many of us to surround ourselves only with like-minded individuals has resulted in many Americans becoming oblivious to the beliefs of those with whom they disagree. This bubble helped create the world of “alternative facts” in which Donald Trump could become President.

To counter this, each week I will present a little of what Trump’s supporters are thinking. Their reality may be very different from yours. Please listen/read to the end, and consider what respectful questions you could ask to better understand and have a conversation, rather than seeking to prove them wrong as quickly as possible and shut them down. We can’t change minds if we can’t talk to each other.

Trump’s Base in Blue Earth County Stands by Him After Rough Start
(Star Tribune – 6/1817)

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1992 interview has interesting similarities to Comey’s testimony about a loyalty pledge:

Australian Prime Minister mocks Trump:

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