Part of this claim is plausible. During the July 25 phone call, President Trump mentions lack of Ukraine aid from other EU nations, and says that they should be paying more. And President Trump has made similar statements about NATO, so this appears to be an issue that he is concerned about.

However, is withholding military aid from Ukraine, leaving them vulnerable to Russia, a reasonable way to encourage the EU to pay more? Or does it merely offer an opportunity to Putin? And how does investigating the Biden’s encourage the EU to contribute more?

Regardless, the impression created in Ukraine and among our ambassadors was that the issue was something other than wanting more EU involvement.

“Also on July 20th, I had a phone conversation with Alexander Danyliuk, President Zelensky’s National Security Advisor, who emphasized that President Zelensky did not want to be used as an instrument in a U.S. reelection campaign.”

William Taylor
Acting U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine

For more info, visit Trump-Ukraine Central

– rob rünt

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