Ukraine has problems with corruption. That was why the Ukrainian people elected Zelensky: he promised to tackle corruption. Our U.S. ambassadors to Ukraine saw reason for optimism, and conveyed that to President Trump.

At no point before the Whistleblower Report did Trump communicate anything to Ukraine about corruption in general. Instead, he called for two specific investigations, both of them into matters that appeared to serve his own political interests.

The first investigation, into Crowdstrike, was based on a discredited conspiracy theory that the Russia was framed by Ukrainian company in 2016 to hide the fact that the Ukrainian government was doing the hacking. Generating evidence of this would help Trump by making it appear that he did not have Russian help in 2016. It would also help Russia by turning attention away from them as the culprits in the election meddling.

The second investigation was into Burisma, a company where Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son had worked and received a large amount of money. At the time, Joe Biden was Vice President and was tasked with U..S.-Ukraine relations. Generating evidence of corruption in this investigation could discredit Joe Biden and effectively remove the potential candidate about whom Trump had expressed the most concern.

If President Trump’s concern was corruption, why not encourage Zelensky to fight hard against corruption in general, instead of only specifying these two investigations?

For more info, visit Trump-Ukraine Central

– rob rünt

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