May 28 – June 3, 2017


Articles & Editorials:

Main Stories


Trump Administration Moves to Return Russian Compounds in Maryland and New York
(Washington Post – 5/31/17)

Congress Investigating Another Possible Sessions-Kislyak Meeting
(CNN – 5/31/17)

Putin Ridicules Claims of Meddling in US Vote
(Washington Post – 6/2/17)

Mueller’s Investigation Goes Wide:
The Special Counsel Takes Over a Criminal Probe into Paul Manafort’s Ukrainian Business Dealings, Broadening His Original Scope
(The Atlantic – 6/2/17)

Explanations for Kushner’s Meeting with Head of Kremlin-Linked Bank Don’t Match Up
(Washington Post – 6/1/17)

Nigel Farage is ‘Person of Interest’ in FBI Investigation into Trump and Russia
(The Guardian UK – 6/2/17)

Withdrawal from Paris Climate Accord

The Latest: Scientist Warns US Climate Move Short-Sighted
(Washington Post – 6/1/17)

Massive Crack in Antarctica Ice Shelf Grows 11 Miles in Only 6 Days
(USA Today – 6/1/17)

Paris Agreement on Climate Change: US Withdraws as Trump Calls it ‘Unfair’
(Fox News – 6/1/17)

Trump’s Speech on Paris Climate Agreement Withdrawal, Annotated
(National Public Radio – 6/1/17)

Fact-Checking Donald Trump’s Statement Withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement
(Politifact – 6/1/17)

World Leaders Condemn Trump’s Decision to Quit Paris Climate Deal
(CNN – 6/3/17)

The World’s Front Pages Mourn Trump’s Paris Decision
(New York Magazine – 6/2/17)

Winners and Losers in Trump’s Paris Decision
(The Hill – 6/2/17)

Bucking Trump, These Cities, States and Companies Commit to Paris Accord
(New York Times – 6/1/17)

Other Stories That You Should Know About:


White House Details Ethics Waivers for Ex-Lobbyists and Corporate Lawyers
(New York Times – 5/31/17)

National Security

An Unexpected Problem: Trump Handing Out his Cellphone Number
(MSNBC – 5/31/17)

Security Experts to Donald Trump: Stop Handing Out Your Cellphone Number
(Time Magazine – 6/1/17)



Less Tweeting, Lawyers Beg. ‘Covfefe,’ the President Says.
(New York Times – 5/31/17)

Kathy Griffin

It Was Just Revealed How 11-Year-Old Barron Trump First Learned of Kathy Griffin’s Photo — Horrific
(Independent Journal Review – 6/1/17)

Claiming ‘Bullying’ by Trump Over Gruesome Joke, Griffin Says She’s Standing up for Free Speech
(Yahoo News – 6/2/17)

‘He Broke Me’: A Defiant, Tearful Kathy Griffin Slams Attacks by Trump and His Family
(Washington Post – 6/2/17)

Hate Crimes

Portland Train Suspect: ‘I Hope Everyone I Stabbed Died’
(CNN – 5/31/17)

Random Tdibits

Watch A Mentally Not There Trump Wander Off From Meeting And Be Brought Back By Staff
(Politics USA – 5/26/17)

This White House Statement on Trump’s ‘Positive Energy’ Reads Like a Parody
(Washington Post – 5/30/17)

 Keeping Track of the Basics:

Trump’s Cabinet Picks and Their Status in the Approval Process
(Full Article – The Atlantic)

Entire Trump Administration: Who’s Who
(Full Info – Real Clear Politics)

Ongoing Tracking of Trump-Russia Connections
(Compiled and updated by the office of US Representative Eric Swalwell, House Intelligence Committee)

Ongoing Tracking of Trump-Russia Connections
(Washington Post)

How Much Have Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Stays Cost Us So Far?
(Is Trump at Mar-a-Lago?)


Al Franken: Time for Hillary Clinton, Democrats to ‘Move on’
(Washington Post – 6/2/17)

Europe’s Leaders Confront the Worst Case Scenario: Trump
(Talking Points Memo – 5/29/17)

Trump’s Incompetence Won’t Save Our Democracy
(New York Times – 6/2/17)

How G.O.P. Leaders Came to View Climate Change as Fake Science
(New York Times – 6/3/17)

White Male Terrorists Are an Issue We Should Discuss
(Teen Vogue – 5/9/17)

Cartoons, Images & Videos

Video by Comedy Central – “Donny Goes to School:”

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The Wall Has Been Built


Are You “Over-Sharing?” Leaking in the Age of Trump


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