Why Donald Trump Will Be Impeached and May Go To Prison

The appointment of former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel is the first glimmer of hope in many months that our system of government may still be able to function. Vice President Mike Pence and the Republican US House and Senate, faced with months of overwhelming daily evidence that our President is unfit for office, have merely looked at their shoes and whistled nervously, rather than taking the action that the Constitution provides under such circumstances. They have put craven partisanship and their own political agendas ahead of the well-being of the nation in a deeply reckless way.

Robert Mueller is a virtual guarantee that Donald Trump will be impeached. While there are many reasons why the President might or should be impeached – some already public knowledge and some yet to be revealed – there is one reason that impeachment is an absolute certainty: the President lies – regularly, clumsily, impulsively, uncontrollably, “bigly,” and without consideration of the consequences.

During Mueller’s investigation, Donald Trump will almost certainly be questioned by the FBI. After the first question is asked, Trump’s lips will begin to move. And then he will be asked another question, and his lips will move again …

Lying to the FBI is a felony.

Before or after the conclusion of Mueller’s investigation, there will also likely come a point when intensifying public pressure results in the President being called to testify before Congress. If he does so, he will be put under oath. He will be asked a question. And his lips will begin to move. And then he will be asked another question, and his lips will move again …

Lying to Congress is a felony.

The End.


– rob rünt

3 thoughts on “Why Donald Trump Will Be Impeached and May Go To Prison

  1. Don’t bank on it yet, Rob. Listen to what about 40% of the population is still saying: they still support this lunatic – and they’re still saying “my feelings counter your facts.” (A Trump supporter on NPR said almost those exact words today.) Trump supporters are looking for a fight.

    And look up what happens when someone gets impeached. If he doesn’t willingly leave office, we’re in uncharted territory. As one analyst put it: it comes down to who controls the military. Scary stuff. I hope and pray I’m wrong, but I fear this won’t be resolved quietly.


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