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The Russia Story Just Keeps Getting Worse for President Trump
(CNN – 4/12/17)

How Russia Hacked Obama’s Legacy
(Buzzfeed – 4/13/17)

Classified Docs Contradict Nunes Surveillance Claims, GOP and Dem Sources Say
(CNN – 4/12/17)

FBI Obtained FISA Warrant to Monitor Trump Adviser Carter Page
(Washington Post – 4/11/17)


“What lingers for Trump may be what deals — on what terms — he did after the financial crisis of 2008 to borrow Russian money when others in the west apparently would not lend to him.”

Sir Richard Dearlove, former head of MI6 (British intelligence agency)
(The Sun UK, 4/13/17)

British Spies were First to Spot Trump Team’s Links with Russia
(The Guardian UK – 4/13/17)

“Concrete Evidence of Collusion Between Trump Team and Russia” Handed to Official Investigation
(The Independent UK – 4/14/17)

House’s Inquiry Into Russia Points a Congressman to Cyprus
(New York Times – 4/14/17)

North Korea

China’s Xi Calls Trump, Urges Peaceful Approach to North Korea
(Washington Post – 4/12/17)

US May Launch Strike if North Korea Moves to Test Nuclear Weapon: Report
(The Hill – 4/13/17)

China Warns of ‘Storm Clouds Gathering’ in U.S.-North Korea Standoff
(New York Times – 4/14/17)

 North Korean Official: Ready for War if Trump Wants it
(Associated Press – 4/14/17)

Ex-Acting CIA Chief: Trump is Making North Korea Situation Worse
(Politico – 4/14/17)

North Korea Appears to Jab at Trump with Missile Test
(Politico – 4/15/17)


Trump Faces Chinese Mockery Following Embarrassing Reversals
(MSNBC – 4/14/17)


Tillerson Meets With Putin Amid Deepening Tensions Over U.S. Missile Strikes in Syria
(Washington Post – 4/12/17)

U.S.-Led Coalition Accidentally Bombs Syrian Allies, Killing 18
(Washington Post – 4/13/17)


US Drops Most Powerful Non-Nuclear Bomb in Afghanistan
(Military – 4/13/17)

‘It Felt Like the Heavens Were Falling’: Afghans Reel from MOAB Impact
(The Guardian – 4/14/17)

Other Stories That You Should Know About:

Trump and the Press

“That’s the Job. We Are Adversarial.”
(Politico – 4/10/17)

Draining the Swamp/Government Transparency

The White House Will Keep Its Visitor Logs Secret
(Time – 4/14/17)

With Trump Appointees, a Raft of Potential Conflicts and ‘No Transparency’
(New York Times – 4/15/17)

The Tax March: Protesters Around the Country Call on Trump to Release his Taxes
(Washington Post – 4/15/17)

Trump Blasts Tax Day Protests, Says ‘Election is Over!’
(Fox News – 4/16/17)

Relearning History

Spicer: Hitler ‘Didn’t Even Sink to Using Chemical Weapons,’ Although He Sent Jews to ‘the Holocaust Center’
(Washington Post – 4/11/17)

Posted on Facebook by George Takei:

Trump is Still Learning What Most People Already Know
(MSNBC – 4/13/17)

“After listening for 10 minutes, I realized it’s not so easy,”

President Donald Trump
Recalling his 4/12 phone conversation with Chinese Prime Minister Xi regarding Trump’s idea that China could simply make North Korea stop misbehaving

 Keeping Track of the Basics:


The Unforgivable Mistake Sean Spicer Makes Every Day
(Washington Post – 4/12/17)

Alternative Facts from an Alternative Universe

Self-selecting our news sources, a reluctance to hear opposing ideas, and the choice by many of us to surround ourselves only with like-minded individuals has resulted in many Americans becoming oblivious to the beliefs of those with whom they disagree. This bubble helped create the world of “alternative facts” in which Donald Trump could become President.

To counter this, each week I will present a little of what Trump’s supporters are thinking. Their reality may be very different from yours. Please listen/read to the end, and consider what respectful questions you could ask to better understand and have a conversation, rather than seeking to prove them wrong as quickly as possible and shut them down. We can’t change minds if we can’t talk to each other.

I hope that as more Trump voters come to the conclusion that she has, that people on the left will respond with compassion, tolerance (yes, tolerance) and decency rather than ridicule and “I told you so”s. The power to bring some degree of unity back to our nation and move forward in a positive direction is largely going to be in the hands of Democrats and their individual decisions to gloat or be humble. Don’t blow it, lefties.

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Trump describes cake and his decision to launch missiles at someone.

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Major nationwide protest coming up:

  • Saturday, April 22, 2017: Scientists and people who believe in and support science will be having marches nationwide to encourage the use of science and facts in creating government policy – find your nearest march here!

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