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How Russian Twitter Bots Pumped Out Fake News During The 2016 Election
(National Public Radio – 4/3/17)

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Says Russia “Certainly” Involved in US Election
(Newsweek – 4/3/17)

Exclusive: Powerful Russian Partner Boasts Of Ongoing Access To Trump Family
(Forbes – 3/20/17)

Blackwater Founder Held Secret Seychelles Meeting to Establish Trump-Putin Back Channel
(Washington Post – 4/3/17)

Devin Nunes to Step Aside From House Investigation on Russia
(New York Times – 4/6/17)


Syria Chemical Attack: Doctors Say Child Gas Victims ‘Arrived Dead’ at Hospital
(The Independent – 4/5/17)

Banned Nerve Agent Sarin Used in Syria Chemical Attack, Turkey Says (New York Times – 4/6/17)

What You Need to Know About US Airstrike on Syrian Air Base
(CNN– 4/7/17)

Syria War: Russia Condemns US Missile Strike on ‘Chemical Weapons’ Base
(BBC – 4/7/17)

Russia Suspends Key Air Agreement With US Over Syria Strike
(Boston Globe – 4/7/17)

International Relations

Trump Ready to Tackle North Korea Alone
(Financial Times – 4/2/17)

US Aircraft Carrier-Led Strike Group Headed Toward Korean Peninsula
(CNN – 4/9/17)

Other Stories That You Should Know About:

Internal White House Dynamics

Trump Removes Stephen Bannon From National Security Council Post
(New York Times – 4/5/17)

Inside the White House, Paranoia and Unrest Among Top Staff
(CNN – 4/6/17)

War Breaks Out Between the Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner Factions in the White House
(Business Insider – 4/6/17)

Trump to Bannon and Kushner: Work This Out
(CNN – 4/8/17)

Gorsuch Confirmed

Neil Gorsuch Confirmed to the Supreme Court
(CNN – 4/7/17)

Gorsuch’s Impact on Divided Supreme Court Will Begin Immediately
(Los Angeles Times – 4/9/17)

Trump and the Republican Party

McCain: No Comparison Between Trump and Reagan
(CNN – 4/2/17)

“I am more worried about this country than I’ve been in my entire lifetime.”

– US Senator John McCain (R-AZ)

Keeping Track of the Basics:


Series by the Los Angeles Times

Part I: Our Dishonest President (4/2/17)

Part II: Why Trump Lies (4/3/17)

Part III: Trump’s Authoritarian Vision (4/4/17)

Part IV: Trump’s War on Journalism (4/5/17)

Part V: Conspiracy Theorist in Chief (4/6/17)

Rachel Maddow Explains Why Pence Is Going Down With Trump For Russia
(MSNBC – 3/30/17)

Trump Faces Foreign Policy Tests He Doesn’t Know How to Pass
(MSNBC – 4/6/17)

The Coming Incompetence Crisis
(David Brooks, Conservative Pundit, New York Times – 4/7/17)

The Long, Lucrative Right-wing Grift Is Blowing Up in the World’s Face
( – 4/5/17)

Alternative Facts from an Alternative Universe

Self-selecting our news sources, a reluctance to hear opposing ideas, and the choice by many of us to surround ourselves only with like-minded individuals has resulted in many Americans becoming oblivious to the beliefs of those with whom they disagree. This bubble helped create the world of “alternative facts” in which Donald Trump could become President.

To counter this, each week I will present a little of what Trump’s supporters are thinking. Their reality may be very different from yours. Please listen/read to the end, and consider what respectful questions you could ask to better understand and have a conversation, rather than seeking to prove them wrong as quickly as possible and shut them down. We can’t change minds if we can’t talk to each other.

Ten Reasons Left-Wingers Cut Trump Voters from Their Lives
(National Review – 11/29/16)

Cartoons, Images & Videos

Source: Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Events & Actions

Two major nationwide protests coming up:

  • Saturday, April 15, 2017: Trump Tax Day Marches nationwide to let President Trump know that it’s not just reporters who care about his undisclosed tax returns – find your nearest march here!
  • Saturday, April 22, 2017: Scientists and people who believe in and support science will be having marches nationwide to encourage the use of science and facts in creating government policy – find your nearest march here!

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