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FBI Refused White House Request to Knock Down Recent Trump-Russia Stories
(CNN – 2/23/17)

Can the White House Discuss Open Investigations with the FBI?
(CNN – 2/24/17)

Trump Administration Sought to Enlist Intelligence Officials, Key Lawmakers to Counter Russia Stories
(Washington Post – 2/24/17)

Other Stories That You Should Know About:


Anne Frank Center Slams Trump: “Do Not Make Us Jews Settle for Crumbs of Condescension”
Chicago Tribune – 2/21/17

Steve Bannon

Bannon Vows a Daily Fight for “Deconstruction of the Administrative State”
(Washington Post – 2/23/17)

More Russia News

Republicans Tricked into Waving Russian Flags at Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)
(Independent UK – 2/24/17)

Meet the Protesters Who Tricked Conference Attendees into Waving Russian Flags
(The Atlantic – 2/24/17)


Trump and the Press

Trump Intensifies His Attacks of Journalists and Condemns FBI “Leakers”
(New York Times – 2/24/17)

White House Selectively Blocks Media Outlets from Briefing With Sean Spicer
(Politico – 2/24/17)

Trump Says He Will Not Attend White House Correspondents’ Dinner
(Politico – 2/25/17)

“We must challenge this statement and this sentiment that the news media is the enemy of the American people. This sentiment may be the greatest threat to democracy in my lifetime.”

William H. McRaven
Retired Four-Star Admiral/former Navy SEAL who organized and oversaw the operation that killed Osama bin Laden
Washington Post – 2/24/17


National Security

Department to Homeland Security Memo Contradicts Threats Cited by Trump’s Travel Ban
(USA Today – 2/24/17)

Trump Rejects DHS Intelligence Report on Homeland Security
(Fox News – 2/25/17)

Trump’s National Security Adviser Reportedly Says Label “Radical Islamic Terrorism” Not Helpful
(Fox News – 2/25/17)

Keeping Track of the Basics:


Trump’s Attacks on the Media Sound Eerily Familiar to Germany’s Journalists

Washington Post – 2/25/17

Alternative Facts from an Alternative Universe

Self-selecting our news sources, a reluctance to hear opposing ideas, and the choice by many of us to surround ourselves only with like-minded individuals has resulted in many Americans becoming oblivious to the beliefs of those with whom they disagree. This bubble helped create the world of “alternative facts” in which Donald Trump could become President.

To counter this, each week I will present a little of what Trump’s supporters are thinking. Their reality may be very different from yours. Please listen/read to the end, and consider what respectful questions you could ask to better understand and have a conversation, rather than seeking to prove them wrong as quickly as possible and shut them down. We can’t change minds if we can’t talk to each other.

Recorded the day after the 2016 Presidential Election:

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Tweet by Caitlyn Jenner, with response:


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Events & Actions

Two major nationwide protests coming up:

  • Saturday, April 15, 2017: Trump Tax Day Marches across the country to let him know that it’s not just reporters who care about his undisclosed tax returns – find your nearest rally here!
  • Saturday, April 22, 2017: Science Marches across the country to let Trump know that science and facts matter – find your nearest rally here!

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