The Week in Trump is a collection of Trump news stories, editorials, memes and videos, with a focus on Russia, conflicts of interest, and mental instability.

Special Series:

The Trump-Russia Web

This is a developing series looking in depth at the testimonies of Glenn Simpson (founder of Fusion GPS) before the House Intelligence Committee and Senate Judiciary Committee. The series will be supplemented by summaries of the Steele dossier, the talking points of Natalia Veselnitskaya, the opening statement to the Senate from William Browder, and the Nunes Memo.

Articles and Editorials of Interest to Me:

February 2018

Democratic intelligence memo released — live updates
(CBS News – 2/24/18)

Inside the Manafort money machine: A decade of influence-peddling, lavish spending and alleged fraud
(Washington Post – 2/23/18)

FACT CHECK: Why Didn’t Obama Stop Russia’s Election Interference In 2016?
(NPR – 2/21/18)

Trump supporters, conservatives rage over Russian bot purge, #TwitterLockOut
(USA Today – 2/21/18)

Bernie blames Hillary for allowing Russian interference
(Politico – 2/21/18)

The Making of a No. 1 YouTube Conspiracy Video After the Parkland Tragedy
(New York Times – 2/21/18)

Axios: Kelly, Secret Service agent scuffled with Chinese officials over nuclear ‘football’
(The Hill – 2/18/18)

Former Trump aide Rick Gates to plead guilty; agrees to testify against Manafort, sources say
(Los Angeles Times – 2/18/18)

Full Text of Mueller Indictment Against 13 Russian Nationals
(U.S. Department of Justice – 2/16/18) (BBC – 2/16/18)

Special counsel issues indictment against 13 Russian nationals over 2016 election interference
(CNN – 2/16/18)

Donald Trump, a Playboy Model, and a System for Concealing Infidelity
(The New Yorker – 2/16/18)

Exclusive: A top Trump campaign adviser close to plea deal with Mueller
(CNN – 2/15/18)

Priebus on White House chaos: ‘Take everything you’ve heard and multiply it by 50’
(Politico – 2/15/18)

“Who Needs a Controversy Over the Inauguration?”: Reince Priebus Opes Up About His Six Months of Magical Thinking
(Vanity Fair – 2/14/18)

Trump’s Biggest Potential Conflict Of Interest Is Hiding In Plain Sight
(Forbes – 2/13/18)

January 2018

MSNBC analyst to Dem rep: Has Nunes been compromised by the Russians?
(The Hill – 1/30/18)

Is Money-Laundering the Real Trump Kompromat?
(The Atlantic – 1/19/18)

Investigators Are Scrutinizing Newly Uncovered Payments By The Russian Embassy
(Buzzfeed – 1/18/18)

Trump attacks protections for immigrants from ‘shithole’ countries
(Washington Post – 1/11/18)

Trump Renews Pledge to ‘Take a Strong Look’ at Libel Laws
(New York Times – 1/10/18) 

Democrats go it alone on Russia probe after partisan breakdowns
(Washington Post – 1/10/18)

Trump lawyer Cohen sues Fusion GPS, BuzzFeed over Steele dossier
(Politico – 1/9/18)

Senate Judiciary Committee Testimony by Fusion GPS Founder Glenn Simpson
(Assets DocumentCloud – 1/9/18)

Fusion GPS Founder’s Senate Judiciary Testimony Released
(NPR – 1/9/18)

Former GOP rep: Trump’s mental health ‘a grave conversation’
(The Hill – 1/8/18)

Republicans who blasted Trump are still standing by him. Here’s why.
(NBC News – 1/8/18)

Making China Great Again
(The New Yorker – 1/8/18 Issue)

Trump Administration Set for Broad Engagement with Russia in Early 2018
(Buzzfeed – 1/7/18)

Trump reportedly starts his days later because he wants more ‘executive time’ to watch TV and tweet
(Business Insider – 1/7/18)

Trump, Defending His Mental Fitness, Says He’s a ‘Very Stable Genius’
(New York Times – 1/6/18)

The psychiatrist who briefed Congress on Trump’s mental state: this is “an emergency”
(Vox – 1/5/18)

Why do US evangelicals support Trump’s Jerusalem policy?
(BBC – 1/5/18)

Obstruction Inquiry Shows Trump’s Struggle to Keep Grip on Russia Investigation
(New York Times – 1/4/18)

‘Yesterday morning, he was key. Today, I’m not sure’: Bannon’s allies start to abandon him
(Washington Post – 1/4/18)

Is Something Neurologically Wrong With Donald Trump?
(The Atlantic – 1/3/18)

Trump Tower meeting with Russians ‘treasonous’, Bannon says in explosive book
(The Guardian – 1/3/18)

Donald Trump Didn’t Want to Be President
(New York Magazine – 1/3/18)

Donald Trump’s Year of Living Dangerously
(Politico – 1/2/18)

December, 2017 and earlier

Incoherent, authoritarian, uninformed: Trump’s New York Times interview is a scary read
(Vox – 12/29/17)

Excerpts From Trump’s Interview With The Times
(New York Times – 12/28/17)

Dear F*cking Lunatic: An open letter to Donald Trump
(Daily KOS – 12/29/17)

This Should Freak Everyone Out: The Arctic Will Never Be Frozen Again

(Mother Jones – 12/26/17)

(Washington Post – 12/21/17)

The Darkest Day of the Year
(Democracy Now – 12/21/17)

Donald Trump’s Holiday Gift to America: A Fundamental Crisis
(Mother Jones – 12/20/17)

Internal FCC Report Shows Republican Net Neutrality Narrative Is False
(Motherboard – 12/18/17)

Increasingly a Necessity: A 15-Point Guide to Surviving Authoritarianism
(Moyers and Company – 12/15/17)

The Uncanny, Frightening Ways That Trump’s America Mirrors Hitler’s Germany
(Alternet – 12/11/17)

Putin’s Media Czar was Murdered Just Before Meeting Feds
(Buzzfeed – 7/28/17)

Why My Student Voted for Trump
(Moyers & Company – 1/23/17)

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